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Tilgher - Genova publishers have been producing high quality work in the humanities and the natural and human sciences since 1972. Aside from individual titles, Tilgher are currently producing three series of works as well as the following specialized periodicals:
  • Epistemologia, journal of the philosophy of science founded in 1978 and directed by Evandro Agazzi (University of Genova).
  • Giornale di Metafisica, journal of philosophy founded in 1946 by Michele Federico Sciacca and now directed by Giuseppe Nicolaci (University of Palermo).
  • Nuova Corrente, journal of literary criticism and philosophy, founded in 1954 by Mario Boselli and Giovanni Sechi.
  • Rivista di Biologia / Biology Forum, journal of the theoretical biology, founded in 1919 and directed by G. Sermonti, R. Morchio and S. Scannerini.
  • Textus, journal of the Associazione Italiana di Anglistica (Italian Aossication of English Studies), relating to the study of the culture, literature and language of English-speaking countries.
Tilgher is also the exclusive distributor of the Pubblicazioni del D.AR.FI.CL.ET., an important series on classic philology produced by the Dipartimento di Archeologia, Filologia Classica e loro Tradizioni dell'Universit. di Genova ®Francesco Della Corte¯.
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