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Founded in 1925 under the name of 'Grafolito', which later became Casa Editrice Pàtron, it links its history to the evolutions of scientific knowledge and university teaching. Over eighty years of publications always keeping up with the progress of knowledge in the disciplines covered, have formed the solid foundation of the current catalogue with over 1000 titles of reference. The first conserved catalogue dates back to 1928 and thanks to the direct and lively work of the founder, Prof. Angelo Riccardo Pàtron, part of the current organizational scheme was drawn up and the Company guidelines never abandoned in their dominant part, integrating and expanding it was evolving in the academic and cultural world, relating to the real needs of the market. Parallel to the book production, about fifteen scientific publications are edited and produced, of different periodicity: most are classified as A in the ANVUR system, submitted to Scopus, with citations in GOOGLE SCOLAR, DOI coding and ISI Thomson.
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