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Major releases with most significant features news

May 2017
  • Shibboleth single sign-on
  • Web Services/widget for linking Torrossa via API
  • Torrossa searchbox available for web sources
  • Minor bug fixes

July 2016
  • Relase of the New Torrossa Online Reader
  • Optimization of download time for full text content
  • Watermarking and more intuitive user authorization information

March 2016
  • New cluster server environment for the Torrossa platform
  • Higher level of interaction between the ilibri database and Torrossa
  • Restyled Casalini Library Services website with options for the purchase of single electronic titles
  • Release of the new version of oa.casalini.it (OAI protocol for metadata harvesting)

November 2015
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhancements
  • Updated canonical (preferred) link domain: torrossa.com
  • New filter options for purchased or subscribed content
  • Easier download function for institutional users on Torrossa
  • Easier shopping cart procedure for private customers on TorrossaStore

April 2015
  • Further channel flexibilities to tailor the platform to library needs
  • Patron Driven Acquisition with filtered and not filtered model
  • Short Term Loan option
  • Browser compatibility upgrade
  • Easy navigation on title page to browse to next/previous search result
  • Additional metadata fields (ANVUR classification, collected essays, keywords)
  • Various workspace enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes

May 2014
  • Dedicated search field now available within Publisher's section and catalogue
  • Information notice of items available in parts when publication is unavailable as a whole
  • More comprehensive series title display
  • Sample page available in jpg instead of pdf for each individual e-content
  • Linking from single records enabled also to external websites
  • RSS now showing the type of publication
  • Enhancements on purchasing section for private users
  • Minor bug fixes

December 2013
  • Registration form enhancement
  • More intuitive access to the full text
  • Sample page restyling
  • New eio.torrossa.it and eeo.torrossa.es channels (in addition to others)
  • Further flexible acquisition models

October 2013
  • Publisher facet and index corrections
  • Simple search algorithm refined
  • Searching made available by DOI
  • More options to advanced search criteria
  • Language revision
  • QR code display
  • Simplified purchasing process
  • Additional compatibility for DRM protected content
  • Webservices for wider mobile integration
  • Enhancements to Torrossa APP
  • OAI-PMH (Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) implementation
  • NBN (National Bibliography Number) and Depositolegale options

June 2013
  • Graphic restyling
  • Additional browsers and readers compatibility
  • Additional citation options (including Mendeley and Zotero)
  • Sample page displayed on title detail page
  • Cross-linking for journals with changes in publisher
  • Simple search field with AND setting instead of OR
  • Extended keyword in context search result display
  • Enhancements on workspace, facets and advanced search
  • IP address displayed
  • Open Access publications
  • RSS feeds improvement
  • Further functional and graphical (skin) customization options of the Torrossa interface for publishers
  • Further functional and graphical (skin) customization options of the Torrossa interface for libraries
  • MARC metadata distribution enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes

January 2013
  • Your catalogue new section
  • New functions in the shopping chart
  • Author/Title browsing section improvement
  • Minor bug fixes

September 2012
  • Renewed search results layout
  • Extended advance search options
  • Further information on the title detail screen
  • Additional authors in the publication hierarchy section
  • More hyperlinks for publisher, topics and series
  • Additional facets for LC Classification and series
  • Endnote export button
  • Workspace enhancements for export in doc and xls formats
  • Google Scholar integration
  • Mobile devices compatibility

January 2012
  • Registration section enhancements
  • Workspace section enhancements
  • Additional navigation functions
  • Additional advanced seach option
  • Additional title descriptions
  • Additional facets
  • User driven acquisition option for libraries
  • Shopping chart enhancements
  • IE9 compatibility improvements
  • Z39.50 protocol implementation for federated search and discovery tools
  • COUNTER statistics compliance updates

October 2011
  • General catalog section
  • OpenURL for context-sensitive services
  • RSS feeds
  • Graphical enhancements
  • CLOCKSS, LOCKSS, Portico preservation options

July 2011
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

May 2011
  • Torrossa and TorrossaStore platform released

  • EEO - Edicion Espanola Online collection launch

  • Renewed full text usability solution

  • EIO - Editoria Italiana Online collection launch

  • Enhanced Mercurio full text engine

  • Casalini Digital Library platform first release
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