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The Octaedro Publishing Group was created in Barcelona in 1992. Currently, they have offices in Barcelona and in Granada, and distribute within a broad national and international network.
Octaedro is a publisher specializing in books about education, including professional development for teaching and providing information for the current student.
Since its creation, Octaedro has published about a thousand titles with editions in all languages of the Spanish state as well as editions in different Latin American countries (mainly Mexico and Argentina).
Presently Octaedro consists of two different publishing offers. The first is of general books about education and professional development for educators (www.octaedro.com) and other textbooks for primary and secondary learning (www.octaedrotextos.com and www.octaedro.com/passos).
As of January 1, 2007, there has been a new business within the publishing group to create electronic books which have been well received across the network (www.octaedroebooks.com).
Octaedro is also a member of LibrerĀ”a Imagina which specializes in psychology and education and has its headquarters in Granada (www.libreriai-magina.com).
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