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The publishing house Arnaldo Forni was officially founded in 1973, but its activity goes back to the first 60s and, both for the amount and for the quality of its production, it was one of the leading companies in the field of anastatic reprints. The company began its activity mainly backed by its founder's long and deep experience in antiquarian books. The spur to transfer this experience into trade and production was given both by the small availability of ancient books in the post-war period, and at the same time by the larger demand of the same books, which the offer of original texts could have never satisfied. Original texts were first reprinted in limited editions and then sold as time went by. In these years reading, a special kind of reading, also became a pleasure for many and the search for the own roots caught on. That's why from the beginning a huge part of Forni's Production dealt with the reprinting of works about the history of Italian cities, villages and regions. But the local Italian history represents only one of Forni's specialized fields. Another important sector is that of numismatics, where Forni can boost hundreds of titles, among them, the Corpus Nummorum Italicorum in 20 volumes and the Catalogue of Greek coins of the British Museum in 29 volumes. Great interest and strong passion are also given to the ancient music, whose reprinted works are about 400, all of them being rare, some even very rare or unique. The Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, founded and directed by Prof. Giuseppe Vecchi, can be nowadays found in any prominent centre of musicology worldwide. Wide ranging is also the production dealing with local traditions. Much has been done as well in terms of Heraldry, Arts and, generally, Bio-bibliography, Dialectology, Gastronomy, Free masonry, Classical and religious studies, Law, History of Medicine, Economics and Sociology, and so on. The present catalogue contains more than 3,000 titles and witnesses the industriousness of the company , whose production is based on a thorough work of bibliographic research, text study and selection. A staff of skilled university consultants is guarantee for scientific seriousness of the choices made. It is namely because of its firm engaging that the company has chosen a symbolic logo: the wonderful Dürer's rhino, symbol of strength and determination.
Arnaldo Forni Editore
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