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As far back as May 31st, 1945 in the Galleria "Umberto I" in Naples arose the first seat of the Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, a publishing company in whose Statute specified the purpose of the initiative: "publish scientific works, in particular in the medical, legal and literary history".
Over time the E.S.I. widened his horizons and has become an extremely lively cultural of South Italy, as well as a point of reference especially prestigious nationally.
Without ever losing its identity, the Publishing House has developed the activity beyond the boundaries of the local and national market, even through publications in English and collaborations with foreign publishers. His catalog has been enriched over time with a gallery of titles (about 300 annually) and high-profile scientific authors in the belief that, even in this new century, the culture must claim a central role and a facilitator and for the city and for the country as a whole.
A vocation, or better said, a mission that has allowed, in parallel with the ups and downs of Naples and Italy, over 6000 publications wider areas of human knowledge, from the literature (Italian and foreign) art, economic law, from architecture to engineering, from geography to history and philosophy, from medicine to bioethics, from computer science to c.d. varies (photography, entertainment, music, cinema, theatre, sports, etc.).
Even the journals (over 40) range in different areas: Economics, law, from philosophy to theology, from history to current events politics, from literature to architecture. It is hoped that all this may be only the beginning of a path still rich and lucky, for a cultural enterprise with uncommon potential of men and ideas.
Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane
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