Insegna del Giglio
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Founded in 1976 the publisher Edizioni all'Insegna del Giglio initially aimed to undertake the reprinting of historical sources and to reproduce texts regarding the minor arts of the Renaissance period. However, in 1979, the growth of the new discipline of Medieval Archaeology prompted the programme to specialise in the publication of new works in this important field.
Close collaboration with established and new early medieval and medieval archaeologists (Italian and foreign) has enabled the production of a dedicated journal, of reviews, texts and collections - notably reports and monographs on archaeological excavations and surveys, methodological discussions, conference proceedings, and so forth.
Recently All'Insegna del Giglio has extended the ambit ot its publications to other fields of archaeology through starting new series and new journals.
As well as the principal focus of archaeology for their output, the Edizioni all'Insegna del Giglio offers in its catalogues volumes linked to history, archival studies and architecture. Of high quality and also economical, we are proud of our publications and output. The webpages here offer links to some of this past, present and future output.
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