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The State Agency Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe. Its main objective is to develop and promote research that will help to produce and promote scientific and technological progress in different areas of knowledge: Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

The CSIC holds a long tradition as a Publisher of monographs and scientific Journals, started by its predecessor, the Board for Advanced Studies and Scientific Research (Junta para la Ampliación de Estudios e Investigaciones Científicas, JAE) back in 1907. Its historical backlist consists of around 12,000 titles collected in 120 collections. Nowadays, this editorial activity is organized through the CSIC Publication Department. Over 2,000 titles are available in the current catalog, most of them organized into 75 collections coordinated by leading specialists. The CSIC publishes today about 200 new books a year and 36 prestigious scientific journals.

In an effort to combine both tradition and innovation, through this website, the Editorial CSIC provides access to the electronic edition of a selection of its editorial production, which will be growing in the near future. Users can browse here the CSIC catalog in electronic format, and purchase and download the titles of interest as eBooks.

With this initiative, the CSIC seeks to provide content with scientific strictness and outreach material to experts, researchers and all readers interested in science and culture.
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