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Edicions Bellaterra was founded in 1973 by Feliu Riera Domènech, who at that time published Anthropology, Chemistry, and Material Sciences. In 1995 began a new era, with an editorial line based on academic o high divulgation books in Humanities and Social Sciences, with a strong interdisciplinary character and particular accent on cutting- edges, critical and innovating propositions.

From that aim more than 500 titles were published until now, each of these books being an alternative approach to complexities, far away from any unique way of thinking of our material and spiritual reality. This is an effort in which many people have participated, all of them imbued with that project, from designer Joaquin Monclús, in charge of the majority of the series, to correctors Isabel Germán and Magda Mirabet. All of them are for Edicions Bellaterra both its major asset and the guaranty of its continuity.

In that spirit General Universitary Serie gathers Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology and Politics essays from the best authors and about subjects that reflect best the actual state of those disciplines. Biblioteca del Ciudadano (Citizen Library) offers at the smallest price studies about the most challenging current debates, always from an open and rigorous perspective.

Then we have a series specialized on Archaelogy as well as others series on subjects that are, in Spain, a little ignored, as socio-politics studies about Islam, China and Africa, in which Edicions Bellaterra is pioneer: Biblioteca del Islam Contemporáneo, Middle East and the Islamic World, Biblioteca de China Contemporánea, Chinese Studies and Biblioteca de Estudios Africanos, African Studies. Next to them, Alboran series has a special meaning, realized in collaboration with autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, it studies in particular the Rif (region of northern Morocco) and Morocco in general.

Edicions Bellaterra has also developed since 2008 a series about bullfight, Muletazos, where we published essays, literature and illustrated books.
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